About company

OJSC “Belarusian Autoworks” specializes in production of mining dump trucks of high and extra-high payload capacity as well as otherheavy transport equipment used in mining and construction industries.

In 2008 OJSC “Belarusian Autoworks” celebrated its 60-years jubilee.The plant product range was constantly being changed and enlarged within this period. At first it was machinery for peat industry (plant “Torfmash”), then machinery for construction, road servicing and reclamation work (plant “Dormash”). In 1958 the enterprise got the name “Belarusian Autoworks” and began to develop BELAZ dump trucks of absolutely new design intended for opencast mining. The first mining dump truck BELAZ-540 of 27 tonnes payload capacity left the works gate on 14th September 1961.

The plant has developed over 500 dump truck modifications of payload capacity from 27 to 360 tonnes and produced over 130 thousand dump truck units which had been delivered to more than 70 countries of the world over the whole period of enterprise existence.

Today OJSC “Belarusian Autoworks”, its branch “Mogilev Autoworks as well as CJSC “Mogilev wagon works” and RUE “Starodorozhski engineering works” affiliated to production association “BELAZ” manufacture:

  • dump trucks of payload capacity from 27 to 360 tonnes;

  • road-building equipment and equipment for mining servicing: loaders, bulldozers, truck mixers, scrapers, recovery tractors;

  • equipment for underground mining: underground dump trucks, loadhaul-dump units, universal chassis, vehicles for people transportation, underground truck mixers;

  • equipment for metallurgical works: slag carriers, heavyload carriers;

  • special-purpose equipment: self-propelled rollers, chassis for vibratory installation, garbage trucks, aircraft tugs, water sprinkling vehicles;

  • freight stock: hopper cars for transportation of mineral fertilizers, gondola cars;

  • consumer goods

Considerable work is being done by OJSC “Belarusian Autoworks” with the view of its products quality improving. The quality management system on development, manufacturing and maintenance of dump trucks, special vehicles, automotive and road-building equipment meets the requirements of ISO 9001-2009 and international standards DIN EN ISO 9001-2008.

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