About company

The chronicles of MINSK AUTOMOBILE PLANT start from the first partisan groups that came on July 16, 1944 in order to restore the auto maintenance workshops, from the decree of the State committee of defense dated August 1944 about the creation of a vehicle assembly plant in Minsk. The country was giving everything it could for the creation of the future first-born of Belarusian automobile industry. And already in October 1947 the first five MAZ trucks were assembled there.

Minsk Automobile Plant that always played an important role in economical development of Republics of the former Soviet Union keeps on providing the needs of the Republic of Belarus and other countries of CIS in heavy-duty vehicles. Minsk Automobile Plant attracts well-deserved interest of foreign partners as well. December 10, 1997 Director General of PO "BelavtoMAZ" Valentin GURINOVICH, chairman of the board of "MAN" trust (city of Munich, Germany) Klaus SCHUBERT and Director General of "Lada-OMC Holding" Aleksej Vaganov signed an agreement on creation of the "MAZ-MAN" Belarusian-German Joint Venture for production of heavy automobiles and the charter of the enterprise being created. As well the documents about creation of Joint Venture "MAZ-MAN Trading" for selling the production manufactured were signed. The difference between that project and other CIS projects in automobile building industry was that the share of Belarusian units and parts in the production made by the Joint Venture would not be less than 60%. "MAZ-MAN" project became an important step for Belarus-made automobiles for international transportations to be competitive with the leading world brands on CIS markets.

At present, heavy-load MAZ trucks - are automobiles corresponding Euro-2, Euro-3 and Euro-4 requirements.

A range of produced automobiles includes fifth-wheel truck tractors, drop-side, middle-ton low-frame automobiles, dump trucks, timber trucks, short log trucks, off-highway vehicles, chassis automobile to be completed with all kinds of special equipment and plants.

All in all MAZ factory produces more than 500 modifications of automobiles.

Starting from 1995, the factory produces city, suburban and international buses. These transport units provide efficient service along different routes all over the world. Its design, functionality, quality and reliability is highly appreciated and was marked with premium awards at numerous international shows and exhibitions. Minsk Automobile Plant has achieved serial production of 15 models of buses and more than 100 modifications.

All products of RUE “MAZ” is a bold embodiment of innovative designs which provide for the high quality automotive machinery. Modern designs and high technical characteristics let MAZ products hold a stable position on the international market and compete with world leading manufacturers. Thus in April 2010 МАЗ-5440А9 truck tractor was given “The Best Truck of the Year in Russia” award at the international exhibition “KOMTRANS-2010”. To receive this award MAZ had to compete with such world known manufacturers as Mercedes, Volvo, Scania, KamAZ, Ural.

So that the factory could move up to production of new competitive vehicles there has been developed a project of technical re-equipment of the enterprise covering most of its productions.

For their further work top management of RUE "MAZ" among the tasks of primary importance defines production of competitive products meeting customers requirements, renewal of its product range and quality improvement, perfection of sales pattern and service structure, reducing production costs, increasing production capacities and conquering a high status among producers of heavy-load automobile, trailer-and-semi-trailer and bus vehicles.