MWTP company

Production republic unitarian enterprise "Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant" is an enterprise, purposed on output of road and off-road vehicles of heavy payload and trailers to them, as well as special wheel chassis for mounting on them of the most various equipment for enterprises and transport companies of building, oil & gas, engineering branches.

Production unitary republican enterprise "Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant" (UE "MWTP") is a state enterprise, subordinating to State Defense & Industry Committee of the Republic of Belarus.

The UE "MWTP" activity subject is the production and sale of auto & trailer vehicles.

New generation of autovehicles, producing on the Plant, gained a trade mark "Volat".

MWTP debut on international market was successful. In 1997-2000 there were won in competition with famous global manufacturers two tenders on delivery of transport combinations for carrying of heavy track rigs in UAE and Turkish Republic.

Such results were achieved due to the powerful engineering potential and modern production base. More than 30% of Plant employees have engineering education. Production workshops fitted with modern technological equipment, including machines with digit-program control. There was found the workshop of flexible production systems for body details processing. Research center has necessary equipment for execution of all lab & road and bench testing, approved by a Certify agency.

Nowadays the producing vehicle line comprises:

  • dump trucks with wheel drive 6х6, 8х4, 8х8, road and off-road, with payload till 27t;

  • truck and ballast tractors, autotrains with payload 40-100 t;

  • special autochassis for mount of crane and other lifting equipment with payload till 100 t;

  • chassis with wheel drive 6х6, 8х8, 10х10 и 12х12 for mount of special equipment for service, rebuild and boring of oil & gas holes;

  • chassis of road and off-road dimensions with wheel drive 4х4, 6х4, 8х8, 12х12 for mount of special equipment;

  • trailers and semitrailers with payload from 15 till 100 t;

  • spare parts to the producing vehicles.

The Plant provides the guaranty and after-guaranty service, as well as the supply of spare parts to the producing vehicles during the operation period and it’s able to develop and produce the auto vehicles according the requirements of the most demanding Customer.

The enterprise structure comprises 9 workshops of basic activity, trial, repair, transport shops, research center, 13 functional departments, 15 bureaus, militarized guard.