About company

Belkommunmash has been designing and manufacturing electric vehicles for 37 years. The company is a leading manufacturer of public transit vehicles not only in Belarus but also in the CIS. The success of the brand relies, above all, on the optimum price/quality ratio. The company promptly fulfils orders and delivers goods in the shortest possible time, and meets every demand of its clients. Modern-day philosophy of the company is to design cutting-edge vehicles, improve quality and provide a full range of maintenance services for its products in compliance with customers’ demands.

The main strategic goals of Belkommunmash are as follows:

  • to implement technologies effectively in compliance with requirements of customers;

  • to build up long-term relations with clients and business partners;

  • to design new vehicles which will remain leaders in their respective market segments for the next five or ten years;

  • to introduce lean manufacturing principles and reduce costs;– to develop the commodity distribution network and access new sales markets;

  • to promote a positive image of the brand.

We aspire to keep up with the time, to materialize innovative solutions, unique ideas and refresh our product line.


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