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Trolleybus model 213

The 213-model trolleybus is a high-capacity, double-articulated, four-door trolleybus equipped with a thyristor-pulse system for controlling a DC traction electric motor; modification of the base model 201.

It is two-level, of increased capacity, with a DC motor and reduced noise level and mass and dimensions parameters. Equipped with a piston compressor of new type and the durable and perfect complete articulated joint system which internal protection excludes an opportunity of contact of passengers with high-voltage wires that further safety of operation.The trolleybus has passed certified tests and has belorussian «Vehicle type approval».


Trolleybus model 221

This trolleybus has low floor and normal passenger capacity; single body has three doors. The trolleybus has thyristor-and-pulse control system for traction electric motor.

The construction of model 221 is using:

  • vehicle set of the trolleybus MAZ-103T which designed with the maximal body unification; the main assembly units, chassis systems, steering system, brake system are from trolleybus MAZ-103T, producing by RUE «Minsk Automobile Plant»;

  • the traction electric equipment and control system for traction electric motor has unification with the trolleybus model 201 producing by UE "Belkommunmash".

Trolleybus model 201, 201A7, 20101

Trolleybus model 201 (base model) Normal passenger capacity, single body, three doors, with thyristor-pulse control system for tractive electric motor which provides:

  • consumption of electric power is reduce till 25-30 % against trolleybuses using the contactor and resistor control system;

  • smoothness acceleration and braking of the trolleybus;

  • increasing the term of using of the tractive electric motor, parts of the trolleybus chassis and body.

Trolleybus model 201А7 There is modification of the base model with the following construction peculiarities:

  • transfer of the electric equipment from under the floor to the trolleybus roof which provide protection of the one form aggressive influence of the environment and making services more easy;

  • unification electric equipment with the equipment of the trolleybus model 221;

  • improving of the appearance owing to new technology of the glazing.

Trolleybus model 20101 There is modification of the base model with the following construction peculiarities:

  • equipped with the contactor and resistor control system for tractive electric motor.

Trolleybus model 42003А

42003A-model trolleybus is a low floor, two-door trolleybus with an increased base and an electronic system (on IGBT modules) for controlling an AC traction electric motor and a self-contained power supply.

Design features:

  • modern design;

  • outer skin made of composite materials;

  • increased base (8085 mm);

  • low floor line in the entire area saloon;

  • traveling bridge, made by the firms RABA (Hungary) or ZF(Germany);

  • ABS- system by the firm WABCO(Germany);

  • ZF Servocom integral steering box, Germany;

  • floor line electronic control system ECAS, by the firm WABCO, Germany;

  • traction electric motor, made by the firm SKODA, Czech Republic;

  • electrical equipment is placed in pressurized sections on the roof;

  • traction electric motor made by UE «BEKLKOMMUNMASH»;

  • CAN- technologies;

  • big colored liquid crystal monitor unit, placed on driver board;

  • climate control system in the salon and the driver's cab;

  • access ramp for passengers with wheelchair, made by the firm HUBNER, Germany;

  • automatic centralized grease system by LINCOLN, Germany;

  • independent motion based on capacitor banks;

  • energy saving – till 55%.


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