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The self-moving passenger module of the second level 1К ("KAPWAY") has been developed at the UE "Belkommunmash" for checking of new technical decisions and opportunity to operate the given vehicle on pendant roads.

The module has an original symmetric design for movement at any side without turning and is equipped with two control panels which are switched by turning of the key of the ignition lock.

Tramcar of the model 60102

is a one-section, three-door tramcar with two motor carriages and the thyristor-pulse system for controlling a DC traction electric motor. It is intended for operation on tram lines with a rail gage of 1524 mm.Design features:

  • comfortable place for the driver with an individual exit;

  • swiveling adjustable driver’s seat with the protecting against vibration spring-loaded mechanism and a hydro damper;

  • two-level cushioning of carriages;

  • panoramic windshield;

  • effective system of heating and ventilation;

  • driving mirrors with a heat tracing and an anti-reflection coating;

  • high body resistance to corrosion by application of the steel zinced sheets, composite materials and careful anticorrosive processing;


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