Special technique

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Immediate response vehicle IRV-0,6/100 (5301)

Immediate response vehicle IRV-0,6/100 (5301) is multitask, intended for extinguishing fire in the residential and industrial city areas in the early stages of fire, cure of effects of the different accidents and critical emergencies.

Hydraulic Hammer CO-183

It is meant for spudding of the frozen, for destroying of the asphaltic and concrete roadway covering, concrete structures, beating of the filled soil. It is using as an integral implements for hydraulic machines.

Blade –and – broom cleanser KO-707

It is meant for cleaning of the roadway of the urban streets, squares with the width not less than 3 m and asphalt coating from sand, rubbish and snow. There are two attached units. It is using as an integral implement on the base of tractor МТЗ-80/82.

Winter gritter

It is meant for sanding of roadway in winter by inert materials and deicing agents. This equipment mounting at the dumptruck MAZ-5551. Work surfaces of the equipment are galvanized and coating with polymeric compounds.

Bar unit

It is meant for cutting of the square pits in frozen or hard ground. It is using as an integral implement on the base of tractor МТZ-80/82.