Dozer and ripper machines are used are used in manufacturing, oil and gas, hydro technical construction and mining industries to perform hard earth-moving operations including excavating frozen and rocky grounds. A modular design of any unit, industrial tractor systems, i.e. transmission, undercarriage, working equipment, cooling system, cab and tractor control provides their convenient maintenance when checking and refueling. There is a possibility of dismantling and mounting separate modules of transmission units with their further repair in specially equipped rooms performing their tests prior to mounting on the machine.

Wheeled bulldozers are used at coal storehouses, construction sites, excavators and drilling rigs sites, for road construction, disposal areas leveling, trenches digging and faces scrapping at mining sites. They are also used as a heavy hauler when transporting heavy loads.

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Wheeled industrial machines

Front wheel loaders are designed for handling operations with loose and lump materials including crushed semi-rock or rock, for earthwork, site leveling, for moving crushed stones, gravel, sand and other materials, as well as for road construction, mounting and riggin.

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Municipal machinery

The Chetra VM multirole municipal and construction machines (MKSM) are designed for loading and handling soil, loose and lump materials, for terrain grading, snow and waste removing, transport-storehouse operations, for trenching, well boring, concrete mixing and other operations by means of corresponding changeable attachments, including on soils of low loading capacity.

The versatile tractors are designed for municipal application all four seasons, such as cleaning of roads, sidewalks, construction sites as well as for reconditioning and patching repair of access roads, for handling, earthmoving and transport operations and in addition to it for forest and agricultural applications depending on attachments to be mounted.

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Forest industry machines

Harvesters, skidders, felling-skidding machines, log loaders produced by Silvatec, "Kraslesmash" JSC, "Onezhsk tractor plant" JSC are intended to be used for logging, processing and log transport. The machinery can be operated on plain and cross-country, on steep slopes, on grounds of low bearing resistance and under different climatic conditions.

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Machines for repair of oil pipelines

This equipment is designed to clean the outer surface of main pipelines of dirt and outworn insulating coatings and to apply new roll materials to pipelines in trench conditions. This complex of machines allows to fulfill any requirements of the technological process and to guarantee the required quality of insulation application. In terms of its specifications the complex is not only inferior to the best domestic and foreign counterparts, but frequently it surpasses them.

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Special purpouse machines

All-terrain vehicles are intended for transporting of watch teams, geological-prospecting crews, emergency repair teams and for providing other transport needs under lack of roads conditions of lack of roads. Complex of technical and ergonomic solutions enables vehicle operation for long period in independent mode with maximum conveniences. Low noise level in the cab is due to noise absorbing materials and to the fact that the engine of the vehicle is located in the separate working compartment. Electromechanical control system of steering wheel type and hydromechanical gearbox provide simple and convenient control, as well as high cross-country capability and maneuverability of the all-terrain vehicle under difficult climatic-road conditions. Tracks with small-size links and rubber-metal hinge of high life time provide low specific ground pressure of a vehicle being loaded and consequently high cross-country ability. Availability of multipurpose cargo platform with possibility of power take-off shaft output enables installation of different modules and technological equipment

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A minimum number of controls and their convenient placement means fatigue-free operation throughout the working shift. In order to ensure safety the pipelaying equipment has hook and boom lift limiters to stop the winch automatically, closed-type disk brakes to prevent loads from falling.

Wide track gauge and large ground contact area in combination with easy-to-adjust counterweights provide machine increased stability and high safety.

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