Lubrication systems

Friction and wear are the worst enemies of any mechanism. Moisture, dirt, dust and high mechanical loads destroy and deform bearings, bushings, hinges, lead to rapid wear chains. Grease the hand of several hundred or even thousands of points are not only very difficult, but not economically viable. The only rational way is profitable full or partial automation of process lubrication. To do this, and serve as a system of automatic lubrication. The main advantage of automatic centralized lubrication systems is a short period of time between lubrication intervals. During the work flow is small, precisely metered amount of lubricant in this area is not contaminated with grease, and it does not get wet. Because of this all over them for optimum supply "point of lubricant lubricant. Lubrication during operation provides an optimum distribution of lubricant. Friction is reduced and wear is minimized.

Increased level of safety during maintenance mechanism is another important factor. In most cases, lubrication point "is located in a remote place and get to it is very difficult and sometimes impossible. Trying to "get" to a remote place can lead to injury. Also significantly reduced maintenance costs due to the lack of long intensive works, as well as reducing the consumption of lubricant.

The company is currently Lincoln Industrial is one of the world's leading manufacturers of central lubrication systems and lubrication equipment, which is used in various industries, transport and agriculture. Rich experience and high level of expertise allows the company to Lincoln to remain a leader in the production technology of lubrication systems. And provides its customers solutions in the consumption of lubricating systems with the best price and quality.

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