World experience shows - leasing has become one of the most effective ways for the expansion of production and financing of mining companies and projects operating with capital-intensive equipment. With limited own funds, it allows you to preserve existing credit lines, as well as to optimize the efficient use of taxation and profit. Leasing (or financial rent) is a promising and profitable way for companies purchasing equipment and implementing capital investments, granting significant benefits to the equipment users compared to other methods of equipment acquisition - purchasing with borrowed money, or at their own expense.

The mechanism of the lease is a type of investment activity in which the leasing company acquires a property and then transmits it to the use of the client, with the transfer of ownership of the property to the user upon payment of the cost of the property during the period of use, as well as associated costs (loan interest, fees leasing company taxes and insurance).

Our company, as a supplier of mining equipment, welcomes such a form of payment with our customers and offers various forms of leasing ( financial, operational, return). We recommend Belarusian leasing company "Promagroleasing, having experience in various projects for the supply of quarry and construction equipment BelAZ, MAZ in different parts of the world.

JSC "Promagroleasing" works in the market of leasing services in Belarus since 2001. During this time the company has established itself as a reliable partner in cooperation with banks, insurance companies, suppliers and customers.

In 2009 the company was authorized by the Government of the Republic of Belarus to establish and to implement the mechanism for international leasing promotion of Belarusian products to foreign markets.

Since February 2010, JSC "Promagroleasing" the first in the former Soviet Union launched a program to supply equipment of Belarusian producers on international leasing contracts in the CIS countries, the EU, Africa and Asia. The organization is currently developing projects for the development of new markets, as well as actively pursuing the issues of financing the supply of modern Belarusian products on lease to the Russian Federation, Ukraine and the Czech Republic through its own distribution network.

Current trend in the development of the company can be considered a complex leasing of machines and technologies for agriculture, transport, urban passenger transport projects "turn-key".

According to the rating of leasing companies in the Republic of Belarus, Belarusian Union of Lessors conducted in 2009, of "Promagroleasing" ranks first on the basic indicators, including the volume of the leasing portfolio and new business.